S.W.O.T & P.E.S.T

The purpose of this placement and blog is not only to help Reading Rep, but to also aide my understanding of marketing and business. In the past I have done internships with marketing teams but, until I began this placement  I have never led an investigation. Therefore, I started with the basics and I have researched marketing processes used today. The following are the two most relevant to this project:


Strengths    Weaknesses     Opportunities     Threats


Political factors    Economic factors     Sociocultural factors     Technological factors

These processes have given me a structure to my analysis and research. I have used S.W.O.T more than P.E.S.T mainly because the former seems more relevant to this investigation. The criteria for P.E.S.T marketing suggests a consumer business on a larger scale. 

Therefore, the basis used for this marketing assessment is S.W.O.T, and hopefully this form of analysis will enable me to find useful information for Reading Rep.


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