Final Conclusion…The End

For my final post, I wanted to address the changes I made from my original proposal, explain what I have learnt along the way and state what I would change if I did another blog.

Changes made from the original proposal:

  • My original plan was to look at the marketing of theatre companies through their social media, but as the process unfolded, I found websites provided more material for me to give feedback on. I think that because of this shift, my blog will be more helpful for Reading Rep and others as it is less specific.
  • I reduced the number of companies to assess from six to four because I found that I was recognising the same issues and planning the same feedback from the websites. By reducing this number, I feel my blog is more direct and easier to digest.
  • The whole process ended up taking longer than my original December to January time frame. However, because of this extended time frame, I ended up looking into the website presentation of Proof and Out At Sea & Striptease, not just The Nativity Goes Wrong.

What I have learnt from this process:

  • I have learnt that I do not want to pursue marketing in the future- I feel that I need a more active and creative job.
  • I have benefited from the blogging process. I have learnt how to actually use a blog website and adjust my writing to suit this kind of media and the implied audience it brings.

Things I would improve if I did it again:

  • I would stick to my time frame. Due to personal circumstances over the Christmas holidays and my work load at University this term, the blog has taken longer than I had hoped.
  • If I did another blog, I would allocate more time to the presentation of it and I am not too sure if I would use again because unless you pay for premium, it is a challenge to upload photos. For most of my posts I needed photos to demonstrate my point. As a result, I find my posts too text heavy which is rather ironic, as that is a problem I have criticised others for in this blog.
  • If I did another marketing blog, I would like to learn more about the process of marketing. As my third post states, I learnt about S.W.O.T and P.E.S.T, but I would love to know more. I worry that my blog seems amateurish because of my limited experience and knowledge of marketing.

I wanted to conclude saying how useful this process has been for me. At times it has been challenging and repetitive, but nonetheless, a useful learning experience. I have benefited greatly from all of this and I now have more of an idea of what direction to take my career in.

I really hope Reading Rep find the feedback in this blog helpful. Thank you for letting me do this.


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