S.W.O.T & P.E.S.T

The purpose of this placement and blog is not only to help Reading Rep, but to also aide my understanding of marketing and business. In the past I have done internships with marketing teams but, until I began this placement  I have never led an investigation. Therefore, I started with the basics and I have researched marketing processes used today. The following are the two most relevant to this project:


Strengths    Weaknesses     Opportunities     Threats


Political factors    Economic factors     Sociocultural factors     Technological factors

These processes have given me a structure to my analysis and research. I have used S.W.O.T more than P.E.S.T mainly because the former seems more relevant to this investigation. The criteria for P.E.S.T marketing suggests a consumer business on a larger scale. 

Therefore, the basis used for this marketing assessment is S.W.O.T, and hopefully this form of analysis will enable me to find useful information for Reading Rep.


The Chosen Ones…

In the United Kingdom alone there is an overwhelming number of theatres, and theatre companies that I could compare Reading Rep to. Therefore, I needed to devise a filter to help me decide the four companies I was going to analyse in comparison to Reading Rep.

drama maks

After discussing with Aidan, Paul and observing the website, I decided the filters would be as follows.

Firstly, location is important. Reading Rep is the only reparatory theatre company in Reading and Paul told me that one of his aims is to add to the culture of Reading town and Berkshire. Consequently I will be assessing The Progress Theatre in Reading. Although this theatre is currently quite different from Reading Rep, I want to see how their marketing addresses the people of Reading.

Secondly, Reading Rep is undeniably ambitious. Their plan is for the company to be established within the community, so in this case I am planning to look at Cheltenham’s Everyman Theatre. Cheltenham is my hometown and for most of my childhood, I went on school trips to this theatre to watch a range of productions. As it formed an important basis for my own dramatic interest and education, it will be useful to have a look at the marketing of the Everyman and other theatres like it to see what Reading Rep can learn from them.

The other criteria that has affected my decision is genre. As my placement is focused around The Nativity Play Goes Wrong, I am going to look at groups focusing on contemporary or modern theatre and the way they present these. Two helpful theatres I have found are the London Contemporary Theatre Company and the Faction Theatre Company, both in London.

The final chosen four are

If I need more inspiration, I am going to look at some of the following:

  • Donmar Warehouse, London http://www.donmarwarehouse.com
  • The Faction Theatre Company, London http://www.thefaction.org.uk/

A Post-Christmas Detox

As part of my English Literature degree, I am on placement with a theatre company called Reading Rep. The production I am going to focus on is The Nativity Goes Wrong, written by the Mischief Theatre Company for Reading Rep and the production of this ran from 22nd December to the 4th January 2014. They are a company under two years old, so they are still establishing themselves as artists and as a brand. I am going to assess what other more established theatres are upto ans see what feedback I can give Reading Rep. Hopefully my research can help Reading Rep to improve their presence online and in the local community.